Hot & Bothered In Cancun

Hot & Bothered in Cancun

“Travel Escapes” Series    

Hot & Bothered in Cancun is a travel story of a young professional woman Bria Rasmussen, who has made the decision to no longer be contained by the cumbersome life, that was engrained in her largely due to her parent’s strong beliefs about how their children should live their lives. They believed in having a school-work-home balance.  There was no room for fun, or travel of any kind, based on finances or otherwise.  But after the many conversations with her friend who touted stories of wonderful travel destinations, and great friendships she developed while traveling Bria was determined. She finally gave in to all of the excitement that she had heard about over and over again, and decided to do something about it. She decided to take a chance, and made an appointment with a local travel agent, to initiate the process of becoming a traveler. 

Bria didn’t just stop there, she booked her very first travel destination outside the United States, to Cancun, Mexico.  She planned for five days of culture, beaches, shopping, authentic Mexican food and of course, Tequila!

Once Bria arrives in Cancun, she awkwardly tries to plan each day of the trip with only her simple desires in mind.  But after having chance encounters with the people, the hospitality and the culture of Cancun her destination develops in to so much more.  She gets to her suite and just wants to decompress from her travel into Cancun.  But thought it best that she scouts the Resort to see where she fits in and where she can get the best fish tacos that the Resort has to offer.

On day two, Bria finds herself consumed with experiencing the most beautiful, turquoise blue water known to the beaches of Cancun, but she was taken off course by the rhythmic sounds of Mexican culture.   She was determined to get some rest & relaxation on the remainder of her trip and found just that.  She started with the Resort’s spa and found tranquil time on her patio, adding a simple twist to serenity.  By this time Bria had become friends with the Resort staff, by seeking their advice regularly on how to best maneuver around El Centro. This time her call was about spending an evening out dining. The staff, especially the concierge had great ideas about her evening out which, she would take full advantage of.            

After all the escapades and adventures that Bria had experienced she knew that eventually all good things would come to an end. Hesitantly, she packed and re-packed her bags only to find that she had purchased more than her bags could hold while in Cancun and needed additional luggage. Another call to the Concierge desk is where she would find the answer to her looming problem. A creative solution was quickly found by the concierge extraordinaire and Bria could reluctantly depart Cancun as scheduled, with thoughts of her next “escape” and the adventures she would encounter.

     What’s next for Bria?  She might say, whatever destination her mind can imagine.










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