Beverly J. Ray 

Author/Freelance Writer

Beverly J Ray has written the first book of her break-out “Travel Escape Series”, titled Hot & Bothered in Cancun. The main character Bria Rasmussen has never traveled for work or pleasure largely due to her upbringing and her family’s values.  Her parent’s main focus was for their children to be educated, that they maintain a well-paying job and that they focus on nurturing and supporting the rest of the family. 

Obviously, with those values, there was not any time for rest and relaxation for Bria, which is what she craved the most despite her family’s objections. But, Bria musters up the strength to go against the family norms and take some much-needed time away, a vacation of sorts, not fully understanding what that entails. Her adventures speak volumes to the necessity for rest and relaxation.

Unlike Bria, Beverly can recount her memories from childhood of traveling with the family (parents & 4-siblings) on vacation. They traveled from Phoenix, Arizona across many states, in the back of the family’s station wagon to reach their destination of Paris, Texas.  That’s where her paternal grandparents lived. Each visit was filled with working on the family farm.  Although she was quite young to provide much care for the animals, that is where she learned about lightning bugs, fireflies, and having pet rabbits. 

There were always new lessons to be learned from the two weeks of farming each summer, but haven’t had to use those skills regularly, but is eternally grateful for the experiences. She also can recall memories of visiting relatives in California during summer breaks from school, having lots of fun visiting the local amusement parks, beaches, and other fun attractions.

Vacationing was the norm in her family so that her parents could have a much-needed break from hearing the harmonious sounds of their names being called by all at the same time, and finally being able to spend uninterrupted time together. It is from these experiences that Beverly unknowingly developed her love of travel.

Beverly J Ray is a native of Arizona and has spent the majority of her life’s work in Arizona focusing on the areas of public health, real estate; sales, leasing and investments, higher education, and entrepreneurship. Likewise, Beverly was also educated in Arizona, earning her high school diploma from South Mountain High School, Phoenix, Arizona, Her Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Public Administration from Ottawa University, Phoenix Campus and a Master’s degree (MBA) in Business Administration with a focus on Health Care Management from the University of Phoenix, also in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, she is a Certified Manager of Program Improvement & Career Pathways Leadership.

Although Beverly’s career pathway has primarily kept her in Arizona, throughout her career she was afforded opportunities to travel as part of her work to, increase the visibility of the employer, establish strategic alliances, build bridges of communication and partner with constituency groups and organizations both nationally and internationally.

Now in semi-retirement, Beverly’s time is dedicated to pursuing her career as a freelance writer and author of fictional stories that entertain readers on travel adventures and has established business ventures to promote inspirational products.  Additionally, she remains dedicated to her passion for advocating for the public’s health and wellness especially for aging adults in the areas of chronic diseases such as diabetes in addition to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Beverly resides in Arizona with her husband Frank, their adult children and grandchildren.